What does web traffic mean?

We understand that being a newbie at website and its many terms sucks, lets make it easy for you. Here I am going to explain the term that you probably here a lot of times, website traffic.
What is website traffic?
Well web traffic is exactly what it says, traffic. Here is a dictionary definition for traffic; the messages or signals transmitted through a communications system. So explaining what website traffic is becomes a little bit simpler. Website traffic is any signal that passes through your website, it is anything that requires access to your website. Traffic can be in terms of other websites communicating with yours and robots like Google crawlers. It can be real humans accessing your website.
What happens every time these elements visit your website is that they download information, such as web pages onto their browser or servers, that means they are using the computer or server you website is stored too. This is the reason website hosting companies choose to limit the number of traffic visiting your website. This is done using something they refer to a bandwidth limit.
Your traffic is measured in terms of bandwidth. That is the more bandwidth you have, the more people or other systems that can access your website.
However, its not every website that needs a high bandwidth, with great design that reduce the size of a website your visitors need to download and making use of caching, you can do well with a small bandwidth. But as your website begin to gain traction, you may need to change your plan and go for a bigger limit.
The most beautiful thing is that most web hosting companies have started offering packages with unlimited bandwidth at cheaper rates like $3 per month, which allows you to grow without fear of being locked out for using too much bandwidth. Sometimes you learn that unlimited is not that unlimited on the Internet anymore. Usually when this happens you would have the capability of moving to better packages like VPN, which allows you to have your own virtual server. This one is a bit more expensive and I wouldn’t advise it to newbies.
Here is a list of a few website hosting companies we have worked with offering unlimited bandwidth at cheaper rates. We would love your feedback if you have had any setbacks with any one, so we can re-review our list. Thanks!

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