How Important is a Responsive Website?

Jul 17, 2017

Its as important as the need to have a website!
I have literally been hurt by the way most companies in Zimbabwe treat websites. Like something to just put on a business card as reference. Trust me I have seen far too many evils man can do and this is definitely one! This is like having a child and give him to slavery at birth. Why would you do that?
If your company still leaves in the age of taking a website as a luxury that just shows how serious your company is, you are loosing on the real benefits of having a website. I am sad to say that this evil is actually coming from us, web designers, we just want that dollar so much that we have resorted to making crappy websites for less and get away with it. Most of these websites are made by newbies who are just too lazy to be serious and resort to downloading unresponsive websites from the Internet for free and just plaster it for the little researched client.
Before I go any further I feel it necessary to explain what a unresponsive website is. Its simply a website that stays the same, looks the same whether you are using a laptop or your smart phone. Now I imagine you can see how frustrating it is trying to navigate a website that was made for bigger screens with a smaller device, sometimes you miss other details you cant see the whole page well. You will end up loosing customers who get bored by your website.
It is very wise (and in this age I don’t see how you cannot) to have a responsive website. A website that adopts to any screen the user is using. The benefits are a lot, but let me try and list the once I now will actually matter to any serious person thinking of having a website.
  1. Your users are happy
Like I said before a crappy website that does not respond to a user’s device length is a liking of no one. Whats important to your customers is not that you simply have a website, no. Its that you have a useful website they can access on any device any time.
  1. Google loves responsive websites
Engineers of search engines like Google and Bing know how frustrating and time wasting it is to try and navigate unresponsive websites and they dont want that for their users. That is why the put websites that are unresponsive below their search results. This is a nightmare for any company. With most of your users going to Google first to look for a product you most definitely don’t want to miss out, but with an unresponsive website, I am afraid you are! You may think you are okay with traffic from Facebook, but trust me you are not, you are loosing out on the benefits of Google. Its basically free marketing with it!
  1. An unresponsive site will limit you
When most of today’s traffic comes from mobile devices, a non responsive website is going to limit you from taking advantage of mobile browsing, like the ability to put floating share buttons which encourage users to share your post to social networks like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.

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