WebHost By Admedia

Admedia is Zimbabwe's fast growing digital advertising company. We bring you WebHost as our in-house hosting company. WebHost also specializes in creating beutiful websites for our customers all over the country.

Who We Are ?

About us

Words have been limited from the start especially for geeks like us, but will try! We are a team of young and passionate web designers with a taste in elegance over our designs.

The Story

We started with designing for magazines like Urbanline Magazine and then we tapped into the corporate world for companies like Whitecard Incorp this was early in 2014 and since then we have been working on a lot of projects for different companies. All from branding and website design and development. We would love to use this experience to help your brand shine.

In 2020, WH.co.zw became a part of Admedia Zimbabwe and rebranded to WebHost by Admedia. That is when we added web hosting services as part of our overall offerings.

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